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Nursing / Health Care

This is one of those fields where you will find no obstacles on the way for a better career abroad. Various institutions from across the globe offers a vast array of programs for you to explore such as Lab technicians, physiotherapists, dentists, pharmacists, etc. The demand for health care professionals has always been huge all over the world. Health care professionals have various job opportunities as Caregivers, Early Childhood Carers, Recreation Therapists, Aged Care and Critical Care Nurses.

Studying, interning or volunteering abroad are great for the resume and can often provide practical experiences that may not be available at home. In the field of medicine and health sciences learning abroad offers the students public health topics that are not often issues at home, the opportunity to develop intercultural communication skills and dealing with new and unique challenges. Future employers can see that you are flexible, motivated and dedicated to a greater good. Your self confidence will be continually boosted by challenging experiences that come with the territory. You get to do more and earn more.

Engineering / IT

We can't ignore the fact that in most cases Indian students may have to undergo an in-house training or specific foundation courses before being absorbed overseas for further studies or even for employment locally or abroad. The reason is, engineering institutions in India, despite all the achievements and innovations, fall short to meet international standards. Also, unemployed engineers in India is on a steep increase. We are falling short to provide employment for engineers too.

The world, on the other hand, needs plenty of internationally qualified, well-equipped and talented engineers. If you have a mind that is bent on discovering how things work and taking things apart, then it would be better to think about pursuing an engineering degree abroad. The most important benefit of doing engineering abroad is you will not lose your curious mind whereas in India, chances are you will get fed up with our system which is less supportive and more suffocating. Innovative & research oriented study facilities, industry endorsed internships in most modern units of multinational companies, and post study work permits for easy access to job market are only few of the many advantages of studying engineering abroad. These programs also provide students with an opportunity to pursue their degree while learning about techniques and theories that foreign countries employ.

There are many different programs and potential benefits to studying engineering abroad, many of which could enhance career opportunities and enrich a student’s life with unique experiences and memories to last a lifetime. It is the gateway to become certified foreign professional engineer and settle down in advanced country with family. And ofcourse, you become multilingual! How attractive!

Business Management

Learning business management abroad has become commonplace these days. The thing is that, those who study abroad while they’re young have international experience before they’ve even reached the workplace. Already ahead of their peers, they’ll be multilingual and have an increased understanding of different cultures. They have more knowledge on how things work out around the globe! They get to be in a community that is multicultural and gets to know people from around the globe. They simply learn the global market psychology and learns to deal with different kinds of people!

These are lifetime assets you get despite an international standard certificate with which you are welcome in all marketplace around the globe! So if you want to go into business administration, it’s a great idea to pump up your resume with some time abroad. MBA is one of the most sought after courses today and not just the career but even the search for the ideal B-School can take you round the world. Many consider that a MBA degree is the ultimate entry ticket to get a good and high-paying job. This is because an MBA educational program abroad fetches you both knowledge and expertise.

Finance and accounts

This field is never tired of new arrivals because they run this world. This is one of the highly paid field of employment too. For the numbers enthusiast, the global perspective on banking, investments, and financial markets may be a great way to round out your education. Studying finance abroad means you could take classes in many of the leading financial centres such as London, New York, etc. Choose from a variety of undergraduate programs depending on the term or city you are thinking about. Finance and accounts are essentially the lifelines of any organization. With thriving economies offering greater business opportunities, organizations all around the world are scouting for talents with skills and expertise to take up highly paid positions. This is where a prestigious qualification in accounts and finance from a top notch foreign institution comes handy. These programs not only give a solid theoretical foundation it equally complements with real world application and seeks to develop innovation and enterprise in students.

If you are an ambitious student who loves financing and accounting and looks forward to succeed in life, going abroad would be a nice idea. Because, the world offers great opportunities for those who are comfortable with international financing and accounting methods. This is a relatively less competitive field where you will be snatched away by international companies as soon as you finish your studies! There is no better way to instant and ensured success and money!


Hospitality degrees are for people who want to see the world. And how about doing it abroad? That would equip you with just the right ingredients you will ever need in your profession! Hospitality industry is a highly dynamic and growing one! It is for people who love teamwork and face-to-face interaction. A hospitality management degree abroad gives you the chance to follow your interests in limitless locations, making unforgettable experiences and giving you a highly rewarding career.

The Tourism and Hospitality Industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes Travel, lodging, food, event planning, theme parks, cruise line etc. it offers a dynamic world that is exciting as well as financially rewarding. For the student with a passion for tourism and hotel management, what could be better than getting the opportunity to combine travel with earning valuable undergraduate credits? Choose from a variety of worldwide program options; in-class learning is often combined with excursions so you get the best of seeing your host country from the eyes of a tourist and a scholar. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the hospitality and tourism sector employs more than 235 million people worldwide! A wide range of job and career opportunities are available where you can quickly progress to supervisory or management positions.

Visual Media

Visual media is the most flourishing field of creativity today. This field is highly experimental and is changing our perspective on arts as we know it! Out there abroad the creative heads are boiling with ideas and are coming up with more and more advanced technology to amaze us with mind blowing visuals.

The need for graphic designers, editors, animators and all are never ending! This field consists of many different segments under its folds such as television, print, advertisements, and films. It also includes segments like animation, gaming and visual effects. Visual media the world over has witnessed unprecedented growth in the last two decades with use of more sophisticated technology, more animation and visual effects and this is going to increase with expanding games market and smartphone revolution. Students who pursue programs in this domain are opened to a world of design, motion graphics, animation, digital video production and digital art. There are large numbers of opportunities to be had in films, print media, and multimedia and also in different emerging media such as motion graphics, video, animation, and game design. Companies both national and international are always on the constant look out for raw creative talent who might not have the best portfolio but have a passion and enthusiasm for working in the area.

If you want to master the world of colors, images and movies, it would be cool to go abroad! You learn it the most advanced way and you also see the world which is basically the perfect raw material for creativity. Go abroad! Start your dream career in colors!