Sweden Family Visa – Fly with your Family to Sweden

Sweden Family Visa – Fly with your Family to Sweden

Planning to embark on a journey with your spouse or partner in Sweden? The Sweden Family Visa, also known as the Sambo Visa, is the path. This visa facilitates the reunion of families, allowing individuals to join their loved ones residing in Sweden. Whether you are married, plan to marry a Swedish citizen, or wish to join a family member holding a work permit in Sweden, this guide provides a step-by-step overview of the application process, requirements, fees, and essential details for a seamless journey. Here’s an overview of the application process, requirements, fees, and essential details for a smooth journey.

Requirements for a Sweden Family (Sambo) Visa:

  • Passport Copies: Include copies of your passport pages with personal data, signature, and permission to live in another country.
  • Marriage or Registration Proof: Submit a marriage certificate or an equivalent document if married or registered with a person in Sweden.
  • Proof of Cohabitation: If you lived with your Swedish partner in your home country, provide a population registration certificate and accommodation proof.
  • Pregnancy Certificate: You must include this if you are expecting a child.
  • Minor: Submit passport copies, birth certificates, consent from the other parent (if not accompanying), court decision (if applicable) and adoption papers (if applicable).

How to Apply for a Sweden Family Visa:

  •  Fill in the Application: Complete the form with details about yourself and the person you’re joining in Sweden. Mention the Swedish embassy or consulate for your interview.
  • Attach Documents: Submit translated documents in Swedish or English by an authorized translator, attached to the original documents.
  • Pay the Fee: Pay the visa fee through online with a credit or debit card or at the embassy/consulate upon submission.
  • Questionnaire for Family Member in Sweden: Your family member in Sweden will receive an email with a questionnaire about income, accommodation, and the relationship. A response from their side must be submitted within a week.
  • Book an Appointment: The Swedish Migration Agency will email you to book an interview after reviewing your application.
  • Attend the Interview: Bring your passport and original documents. Children applying should also attend.
  • Agency Processes the Application: The Swedish Migration Agency processes your application with a shorter time of processing for comprehensive submissions.
  • Wait for a Decision: The embassy notifies you via mail. Collect the decision from the embassy or consulate, presenting your passport.

Can I Apply Online?

Yes, only if you and your spouse meet specific conditions:

  • Both are 18 or older.
  • Both have valid email addresses.
  • Both can pay fees online.
  • Both can scan or photocopy required documents.
  • Online applications offer convenience with clear instructions on the Swedish Migration Agency’s website.

Consent for Minors:

If children move without a single parent, written consent is a must. The other parent can provide with details such as names, dates of birth, addresses, agreement for the child’s residence permit and a clear signature.

Sweden Family Visa Fees and Payment Options:

Fees for a Sambo visa:

Adult: 190€

Children under 18: 93€

Payment options include online payment, payment at the embassy/consulate or payment to a specified bank GIRO.

Who Is Exempt From Paying the Fee?

Exempt categories include:

  • Family members of EU/EEA citizens (excluding Swedish nationals)
  • EU/EEA citizens applying for residence permits
  • Swiss citizens and their family
  • Citizens of Japan
  • Spouses, cohabiting partners, registered partners, and unmarried children under 18 applying for a residence permit with a family member holding a Swedish residence permit as a refugee.

Processing Time for Sambo Visa to Sweden:

Varies by application nature. For spouses, it may take up to 16 months. Applications submitted abroad generally have longer processing times.

Questions Asked During Sambo Interview Questions:

Expect questions about your relationship, partner’s family, pets, favorite things, etc. While no specific set of questions exists, focus on your personal connection and shared experiences.

Bringing Children to Sweden with Sambo Visa:

Children under 18 can accompany you. Their residence permit application is simultaneous with your partner’s. Ensure all required documents for children are prepared, and they may need to attend the interview.

 Other Ways to Obtain a Family Visa in Sweden:

  • Joining a Parent or Child: Apply to join a parent or child in Sweden.
  • Partner with a Work Permit: Family members can obtain a residence permit for the same period as their working partner.


The Sweden Family Visa now truly becomes a key to explore and unlock the possibilities of togetherness. As families prepare to embark on this journey, the process emphasizes the importance of documentation, from passport copies to marriage certificates and proof of cohabitation. Each step, from application submission to the interview, contributes to the ultimate goal of flying with your family to Sweden.

Amidst the cultural richness and safety that Sweden offers, the Sweden Family Visa serves as a bridge for families to cross into a new chapter of their lives. Whether it’s the student-centred classes in Austria or the diverse experiences awaiting in Sweden, families choosing to fly together to Sweden are met with a warm embrace. As Sweden beckons with its opportunities, the Sweden Family Visa stands as the key that unlocks the door to a future filled with shared moments, growth, and cherished family memories.