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Overseas education Consultants in Kerala Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Guidance to help you navigate your professional path.

Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala Admission Support

Admission Support

Comprehensive support in securing admission to your dream university

Study Abroad Consultants in Kochi Finance Assistance

Finance Assistance

Provides guidance to help explore opportunities.

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Study Abroad Education Consultants in Kochi Kerala

Around 2000+ students have made their way abroad with Span.


Top Notch Universities and Colleges across the globe.


Close to percent success rate in visa approvals.

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Our study abroad programs offer students the opportunity to join a global community of learners and enhance their overseas education. Apply now for a unique experience.

Who we are

The Most Trusted Overseas Education Consultants in Kerala

As a leading Study Abroad consultant in Kerala(Kochi and Thrissur) with more than 15 years of experience, we take pride in introducing ourselves. With a worldwide network of service providers, we can assist you with all your Study Abroad and migration needs.

Overseas Education Consultants
Years Experience

Anything Related to Overseas Education!

Being the best study abroad consultants in Kerala .We provide personalized and expert guidance so you can achieve your dream of overseas education. Span International provides comprehensive support for every step of your overseas education journey!

Profile Evaluation

Optimizing an individual's educational and professional background to make them eligible to study overseas.

Profile Evaluation Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala

University Shortlisting

Span International helps you choose a university that matches your academic profile and career goals

University Shortlisting Overseas education Consultants in Kerala

Scholarship Assistance

We provide guidance and support to help students secure scholarships and financial aid for your overseas education.

Scholarship Assistance Study Abroad Education Consultants in Kochi Kerala

SOP Assistance

As part of your overseas education application, we assist you in crafting a compelling Statement of Purpose (SOP).

SOP Assistance Overseas Education Consultants in Kochi Thrissur Kerala

Financial Guidance

Our guidance provided here will help students and their families plan for the expenses related to tuition, global living, and other living expenses.

Financial Guidance Study Abroad Consultants in Kochi

Application Proccess

We assist students with the entire overseas education application process, from selecting universities to submitting applications.

Application Process Overseas Education Consultants in Kochi

Credibility Interview Preparation

In this process, we teach students how to present their qualifications to immigration officers and university admissions officers.

Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala Services Interview Preparation

Visa Application

Our study abroad consultants assist students with the visa application process and provide guidance on required documents and the process

Overseas education consultants in Kerala Services Visa Application

Ticketing Assistance

Assistance with booking flights and helping students plan their travel arrangements to their study destination abroad.

Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala Services Ticketing Assistance

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Learn from the Experts

Stay informed and connected with our upcoming webinars and events. Get connected with other students who share your passion for global education and learn about exciting study abroad opportunities.

Why Choose us

Most Trusted Overseas And Immigration Consultants in Kerala

Are you a study abroad aspirant from Kerala looking for the best overseas education consultation? Then we have got you covered. Having branches in Kochi and Thrissur, we provide our students with the best support and overseas education services.

Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala Expert Guidance
Expert Guidance

A team of experienced advisors will guide you throughout the entire process, from selecting a program to preparing for your departure.

Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala Premium Support
24/7 Premium Support

Our team is available around the clock to assist you with any issues or emergencies that may arise during your program.

Overseas Education Consultants in Kochi
20+ Countries

We give you a range of options for you to choose from in accordance with your preferences, so that you can select the best one for you.

Overseas Education Consultants in Kochi Wide Range of Programs
Wide Range of Programs

Our programs are available in various countries and regions, so you can select what works best for you.


What Our Students Say

jeswin johnjeswin john
06:55 20 Aug 23
I am incredibly grateful to have chosen SPAN International for their exceptional guidance in helping me pursue my education in Sweden. As an Indian student, the process seemed overwhelming, but SPAN's assistance made it a seamless journey. From the very beginning, their well-seasoned professional team exhibited unparalleled professionalism and dedication, guiding me through every step with patience and expertise.The personalized attention I received truly set them apart. Especially from Ms Rini. Their in-depth knowledge of the application procedures, visa requirements, and even cultural aspects of Sweden was invaluable. They turned what could have been a daunting experience into an exciting adventure. I would wholeheartedly recommend SPAN International to anyone seeking assistance with studying abroad. Thank you, SPAN, Thank you, Ms Rini, Thank you, Mrs Smitha for your unwavering support and for making my dreams a reality.
Vishnu K.SVishnu K.S
05:57 19 Aug 23
For a person who have experience with lot of agencies, Span has standed out giving me the best experience ever. Only when i received some bad experience from other agency ,i realised how extra ordinary Span international is. And the kind of dedication they have upon their students receive some tremendous applause , they have been there when ever i needed them .I have experienced some tense moments regarding my procedures from University, they have found the solution within a small time . A situation that could take days by emailing University and getting reply , they have found the solution and saved me so much time and mental tentions .So thankyou for everything Span International, you guys have been there till my last process and especially when i needed the most🙏
aswin sajuaswin saju
07:36 08 Aug 23
My experience at span international was incredible. The staff was polite and helpful, making the visa process easy. I would like to express my special thanks to Athira maam and Rini maam helped me throughout my visa processing and for clearing all my doubts without any delay. Thanks to the entire team of Span international for the excellent service.
Nithin ThomasNithin Thomas
12:35 03 Aug 23
It was really a good experience working with Span International for our Sweden student and family visa. They should be appreciated for the guidance they provide from the beginning. The documentation prepared by the team was excellent that helped us receive the Sweden visa approval in no time. Also, we appreciate the help provided during the third party assistance during the visa process. Our special thanks to Smitha mam, Rini and Nafeena who helped and guided during the whole process.I would strongly recommend SPAN International for study abroad especially for Sweden where I had my experience. Thank you once again for all the support and guidance.
Amal ShajiAmal Shaji
15:02 02 Aug 23
I got a great experience with Span international. They are so friendly and we can contact with them any time. Special thanks to Savitha mam and other members of agency who helped me a lot throughout the entire process. I am very pleased with their services and recommend Span International to anyone who is considering studying abroad.
Divya. C NairDivya. C Nair
12:33 22 May 23
Excellent work! I'm really happy to share my experience with the team of Span International Educational Consultancy and I would like to thank Span for helping me a lot to achieve my dream and also in getting my UK Study Visa successfully. I would strongly recommend to everyone who would like to start their dream career accomplishment and for visa processes with Span International. The whole team is very competitive and helpful. Besides, I feel so grateful to Rini Chechi who assisted me throughout my journey from the beginning at the time when I shared my documents for admission procedures till the end of visa acceptance. She is very helpful and a friendly person who guided me in achieving my dream desire and in making the entire process a smooth one. She was able to give me timely advice regularly in every question or concern that I had. Thank you Span International for all your efforts and mind- blowing services.
Aswin VAswin V
04:50 22 Mar 23
In 2015 I got my student visa to France via span international. After I completed my studies in France I moved to Germany and working there from 2017 till date.Span international was very informative and guided me through all the stages. The staff were very friendly, knowledgeable and transparent. After 8 years I could see span international is getting bigger because of their operational efficiency and honesty. I extend my sincere gratitude to Mrs. Smitha shaji for all the guidance she provided me that time and I wish span international and it's lucky customers all the very best.
Ulsav MohanUlsav Mohan
07:48 27 Feb 23
Those who are looking for a genuine consultancy out do approach SPAN INTERNATIONAL..i have talked to many consultancy across kochi inorder for my German abroad education , and most of them told me that i won't be able to go as i am age over and everything regards to that, they also tried to convince me to get into a another country in which they offer rather than my wish . But with SPAN INTERNATIONAL i felt so much comfortable and convincing which made me to fix this consultancy for my further procedure. I went all the way from kochi to trissur for the further procedure which seem to be a crazy idea but it worked, and later get to know that there is another branch in Kochi also.i am currently in Germany for my MBA in international business economics @ ILMENAVU UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY.SAVITHA MAM in Span international worked with me through whole procedure form the beginning to the end .Thank you very much Savitha mam for helping me out going through all this.Then Smitha mam, the owner of span international, just go to her and talk about your higher education - she will make it happen trust me. Thank to you for all the help.Do approach span you won't regret.
04:06 23 Feb 23
Span International is an excellent study abroad agency that offers a wide range of exceptional services. From the moment I contacted them, the staff were incredibly welcoming and helpful. They answered all my questions promptly and provided detailed guidance on the entire process.They took care of all the paperwork, including the visa application, and provided tips and advice.I would also like to thank Ms. Savitha and Ms. Lakshmi for guiding through the entire process and a hassle free paperwork. I highly recommend Span International for anyone looking for an unforgettable study abroad experience.
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We provide exceptional programs and experiences for our students, as demonstrated by our impressive overseas education statistics. With our high program completion rates and diverse program offerings, our study abroad consultants in Kerala are dedicated to helping students achieve academic and personal success.

The strong network of alumni provides support and guidance, and many have gone on to successful careers and graduate studies. Join the best study abroad consultants at our Kochi or Thrissur branch and see the world while gaining valuable skills and experiences that will last a lifetime.

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